Solveig Holm

Leader of THE OCEANs steering group and Senior Advisor in NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

New discoveries, connections and forms of cooperation

“With THE OCEAN, we will facilitate the transfer of expertise and interaction that provides new discoveries, connections and forms of cooperation. We will facilitate the development of innovative solutions and technologies across the ocean industries as well as highlighting existing solutions, products and services that contribute to increased value creation in the marine economy.”

Hans Kleivdal

Executive Vice President NORCE

Together for Sustainability

“The Norwegian Research Centre NORCE believe in bringing together strong expertise and communities of knowledge from a wide range of fields, to address the global sustainability challenges more effectively. As the various Ocean industry stakeholders may take different perspectives to a common problem, their conventional approach will be challenged by other stakeholders with different view - and novel solutions may be developed in synergy.  

At NORCE, our vision is “Together for Sustainability”. We therefore strongly support THE OCEAN conference as an arena where the broad range of Ocean industries, public institutions and research may indeed come together in the ocean capital of Bergen - to create sustainable solutions for the future.”

Gro Anita Fonnes Flaten

Pro-Rector for Research, Western Norway University of Applied Siences

Strong connection to the ocean

“All the way since Haugesund Navigational School and Bergen Technical School were established in 1874/1875, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and its predecessors have been involved in education of engineers, maritime officers and research and development within the maritime domain, marine equipment and technology to support trade and industry. This ranges from shipping, fishery, marine transport towards subsea operations initially for oil and gas, but later also for renewable energy solutions and fish farming. This has been successful thanks to close collaboration with industry, other universities and the latest years also the increasing number of clusters working for a sustainable development of marine resources. Because of our strong connection to the ocean we are proud organizing partners of THE OCEAN, and we look forward to seeing you there!”

Mette Nora Sætre

Head of regional economic development
Hordaland County Council

Sustainability is a huge puzzle that we can only solve by working together

“Our regions and local communities form the space where people meet with the seas and coastlines, both as nature and as the basis for homes and livelihoods.

From January 2020, the county councils of Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane will be merging to become a larger county council, Vestland. Vestland County Council will play a central role in ensuring a balance between the use and protection of our coast, now and in future.

The County Council is responsible for the further education of marine and maritime students. The County Council awards and manages the licenses for aquaculture, carries out regional planning for our coasts and inner sea areas, distributes grants for regional research, and supports the growth of the maritime and marine industries, clusters and innovation. It is the County Council as a political organ that has put climate and environmental protection at the centre of all activity in our region.

Sustainability is a huge puzzle that we can only solve by working together. Hordaland County Council is therefore proud to be one of the hosting partners for THE OCEAN 2019”

Elin Sjødin Drange

Head of Business Development
City of Bergen

Bergen – The Ocean City

“The city of Bergen is proud to be a partner of THE OCEAN. The ocean has always been of great importance for the development of Bergen, and we think this will be the case also in the future. At THE OCEAN, industries and clusters of the Bergen region together with our research and educational organisations, and the municipality, invites everyone with interest for the ocean to share knowledge and be inspired to create and take part in the development of the future ocean industries. THE OCEAN will be a meeting place and a melting pot for industries and science – and our goal is to connect people with interest of contributing to develop the ocean industries into a sustainable future. The only way to succeed is to cooperate, listen and learn from each other. We look forward to seeing you at THE OCEAN.”

Hege Økland,

CEO NCE Maritime CleanTech

THE OCEAN – an important arena for knowledge sharing

“NCE Maritime CleanTech brings together 100 companies that cooperate to develop innovative solutions for the ocean industries that reduce emissions to air and sea. The maritime industry has ambitious climate targets and cooperation across companies and across sectors is key to reaching these targets. We strongly support THE OCEAN conference as an important arena for knowledge sharing between important stakeholders in the industry.  We believe meeting places like this will bring new ideas to the table, ideas that will enable both more sustainable operations and strengthen the competitiveness of the maritime industry.”

Jarl Giske

Professor and Marine Dean
University of Bergen

THE OCEAN will attract wise minds and young talents 

“The ocean, with its climate, environment, and resources, is a long-term strategic priority for research and education at the University of Bergen, and UiB has been asked both by the United Nations and global world university society to take a lead towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life under water. Therefore, we engage with partners at the global as well as local level. THE OCEAN is one of these important partnerships for a sustainable future. 2019 is the year of the youth’s strong climate engagement. THE OCEAN will show that the ocean industry shares this engagement. We need the youth for a transition to a sustainable environment, and UiB is proud to have established a series of new study programs for sustainable marine industries. In the long term, when THE OCEAN has been up and running for a few years, we will focus more outside of Norway. It will still concern sustainability and the ocean industry, and the horizon is the whole planet.”

Geir Lasse Taranger

Vice Director and Research Director Institute of Marine Research

THE OCEAN will be a new meeting place for industry, knowledge and governance for sustainable ocean development

“Long-term ocean and ecosystem monitoring by the Institute of Marine show rapid climate changes, and projections for the future stress the urgency of coping with green-house gas emissions in order to maintain ocean health and productivity. At the same time there is an increasing need for more seafood and sustainable energy, as well as new solutions for maritime transport. To this end, THE OCEAN set focus on how ocean industries can be an important part of the solutions for a brighter future, where sustainable use and management of the oceans will play a key role. The  conference will be an yearly event addressing solutions and synergies among ocean industries, aiming to be a key meeting place for academia, industry and other ocean stakeholders.”

Owe Hagesæther
Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer
GCE Ocean Technology

THE OCEAN will be an arena for knowledge sharing, new collaborations and presentations of new technology and industry

“GCE Ocean Technology is an industry driven initiative with more than 120 partners and members and is a proud organising partner of THE OCEAN. Our cluster supports, develops and supplies innovative ocean technology within a wide range of applications. One of our main objectives is to create meeting grounds to enable ocean players to DISCOVER new and innovative ideas in the intersections between people and diciplines. Our big and hairy goal is that THE OCEAN will CONNECT people; resulting in new and disruptive technology and COLLABORATIONS that, will lead to smarter and more sustainable ocean technology. See you at THE OCEAN.”

Hege Elvestad

Managing Director
Connect Vest

Connect is connecting people, competence and capital

“We are an organizing partner of THE OCEAN because we believe it to be a unique arena for networking across the ocean industries. THE OCEAN is a great initiative where the best stakeholders, big and small, may share competence, create growth and development together. The ocean has been of great importance for our region in all times and will be even more so in the future. While we have significant industrial players and strong educational- and research clusters within the field, there are nonetheless quite a few challenges ahead. THE OCEAN will enable us toconnect start-ups with established industries for them to create the sustainable solutions of tomorrow. Our investors are looking at several interesting investment opportunities among start-ups in this field not least because they tend to have globally scalable solutions. We are proud to be a part of THE OCEAN  – a conference that will make a difference for Bergen, that will strengthen the cooperation across ocean industries and highlight possibilities for sustainable growth and development.”

The business sector needs to take a leading position

The UN Sustainable Development Goals will not be achieved unless the business sector takes a leading position. Bergen’s strong clusters within shipping, energy and seafood enable us to lead the way. Innovative transportation will reduce emission to air and sea. The world’s growing population will need sustainable seafood. THE OCEAN will showcase how our marine and maritime clusters can strengthen and complement each other for a sustainable future.

Tone Hartvedt

Managing Director
Invest In Bergen

An exciting arena for new, blue ideas

“Bergen and the western part of Norway are taking a lead in developing new, sustainable
technology for the future, across the ocean industries. If you want to learn more about what’s going on, I’m looking forward to seeing you at THE OCEAN. We’re excited to be supporting this event, which will be making waves in Bergen this autumn.”

Anders Haugland
Anders Haugland

Managing Director

Join and make a difference at THE OCEAN

“We do not need more excuses to meet. We do not need an arena where we see who can scream the loudest or brag the most about what we have done. We need an arena where the participants present their ideas and gather for powerful measures – where we show that we collectively take responsibility and commit to actions today and tomorrow. The future belongs to the ocean. If it is to become our and our descendant’s future – then our time to contribute has come. Join and make a difference! We at VIS have no intention to be left at shore.”

Nina Stangeland

Managing Director
NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster

THE OCEAN focus on sustainable growth of the ocean industries

“The Seafood Innovation Clusters vision is to enable sustainable seafood growth. Our mission is to build an ecosystem for growth and competitiveness in Norwegian Seafood.
THE OCEAN focus on sustainable growth of the ocean industries. The conference gathers actors with dedication to cutting-edge technology and a vision that sharing knowledge across ocean industries gives new opportunities and growth. We look forward to a day full of knowledge sharing, inspiration and interaction.”

Linda Nøstbakken

Deputy Rector and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Setting the course for sustainability

“Our future depends on the state of the oceans. To secure sustainability, we need ambitious, passionate and highly skilled people who can work together and find the best ways to balance healthy ecosystems with our need to harvest resources from the sea. At NHH we firmly believe that the way forward goes through close cooperation between the business community, policy makers and academia, represented by researchers and students with an international mindset and a strong commitment to contribute to society and a better world for everyone. THE OCEAN provides a perfect meeting ground to discuss and develop new ideas and set a new course.”


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