The virtual venue for THE OCEAN 202O DIGITAL

Hopin is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas that are optimized for connecting and engaging. You can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event.

Connect. Discover. Collaborate

Hopin is easy to use, and runs straight out of your web browser. While Hopin does work on mobile devices, for the best experience we strongly recommend that you plan to experience THE OCEAN 2020 DIGITAL using your own personal laptop or desktop computer.  Hopin works best on the latest version of Google Chrome, which you can download here:

Preparation is Key: Technical Requirements
Browser recommendations: Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox and that your browser is fully up to date. Safari and Internet Explorer are not fully supported as they lack the support needed for live video events.
Hopin usage: Make sure you only have one Hopin tab open as there could be feedback or sound looping otherwise. For more, you can also check out Hopin's FAQ.


Setting up your Hopin profile

You won’t be able to access the event until 5 minutes before it starts, but you can create your profile in advance.
All preregistered ticket holders have received an email with practial information and a private Hopin link.
Select “Delegate” and create your profile.
A popup window will open, from where you can adjust your profile information and add an image of yourself. You can always update your profile by accessing your account from the upper-right hand corner.


Getting around Hopin

You are going to receive a reminder by email shortly before the event starts to make sure that you don't miss it!
Similar to a physical event, you can choose where you want to go and what you'd like to attend. In the reception area you will find the complete agenda showing what is happening where.
On the right side of the screen you'll find the main event chat where you can comment and interact with other participants. You can ask questions to the main stage speakers by using @Q&A in the stage chat. Make sure to follow the event chat for any important announcements and updates.
Aside from the main chat, you can participate in polling under the ‘Polls’ tab, and DM participants by browsing under the ‘People’ tab. You can also invite someone to join you in a private meeting room, by inviting them to a video call. Please make sure the other person is aware and interested in having a video call before sending the invitation.


The Areas:

You can navigate through the different areas on the left side of your screen.
Upon opening Hopin and joining the event, you will land in the Reception area. You can think of the reception area as a venue’s lobby, it’s the information hub. Here you will find a complete overview of the agenda and you can follow what is currently happening and what’s to come.

At the stage we present the keynote speakers and THE OCEAN TALK. When we are live you see the red Live icon. The conference moderator will select questions from the event chat on the right hand side.

In the “Sessions” area you find the three parallel sessions, going live at 01:10PM.
You can easily change between the session room. After the presentations, the session moderators will host workshops with the speakers and commentators, deep dividing into the topics discussed on stage. Every session will have its own chat, so you can interact with other participants and ask questions to the host.
Important announcements and updates will be shared in the event chat.

You can connect with other participants in the “Networking” area through the entire duration of THE OCEAN. These “1-on-1” meetings will last up to 3 minutes, and you are able to leave the meeting at any time. A timer in the upper right hand corner will let you know how long remains in each chat. When time is up, your meeting will automatically end and you can click ‘Ready’ to be matched with a new participant. If you wish to exchange contact information with the other person in your meeting, both participants must click the 'Connect' button. If you connect, Hopin will share information such as your name and email address with the other participant. You can find the contacts you’ve made on your Hopin profile (under the ‘Connections’ tab. You can also select 'Unmatch' to lose the connection). 
Please note that you will be randomly matched with another participant in the networking area. You can DM specific participants under the 'People' tab and invite someone to join you in a private meeting room, by inviting them to a video call.

In the Expo area, you can find virtual booths hosted by event partners. You may access each booth to gather information about the partner and to interact with the host. Every expo booth will have its own chat so you can leave questions or interact with other participants.