THE OCEAN is a new arena aiming to strengthen collaboration and explore the potential for new
partnerships within the ocean industries. We invite you to be a part of this exciting event.

In order to use our ocean resources more sustainably, we need to stimulate increased knowledge innovation and technology development across our industries.

Through THE OCEAN we will encourage the transfer of knowledge, expertise and interaction that provides new discoveries, connections and forms of cooperation across ocean industries. You’ll get to learn more about existing solutions, the development of new innovations, products and services that create added value and sustainability in the ocean economy.

THE OCEAN 2019 will be an event with inspiring keynote speakers, a talk-show that gives valuable insights, and sessions for discussions and interactions across the ocean industries. We’ll also be offering you the chance to network and meet new people, through activities such as speed-meetings and match-making. There will be investor pitches from cutting-edge start-ups, as well as “reverse pitching” from companies that will highlight challenges that need to be solved.

The objective of THE OCEAN is to contribute to new sustainable, value added and competitive solutions and partnerships between the ocean energy, seafood, shipping and academic sectors.

THE OCEAN invites entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, business managers, R&D professionals, academics, young professionals and students to Bergen, the Ocean Capital, to discover, connect and collaborate.

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